The 161st Street Station Complex is one of the most heavily used in the New York City Transit (NYCT) System. The station includes an elevated IRT line, the IND subway below ground, and a transfer building through which thirteen thousand people per day move between lines. It is also the station stop for the famed Yankee Stadium.

The dD+P design called for the complete station rehabilitation according to design guidelines established by NYCT. The design features the incorporation of five elevators to provide complete accessibility throughout the station complex as well as multiple public art installations by Vito Acconci

The elevator towers are glazed to provide maximum light into the station complex, heighten the perception of security, and establish a bright and shining landmark for the community. Two large new skylights were introduced to permit light and air into the below ground station mezzanine.

The project was implemented in three phases over the course of four years. A detailed construction phasing program developed by dD+P and NYCT allowed for the complete maintenance of service for the twenty-four thousand daily customers that used the facility throughout the construction period.


Bronx, NY

Yankee Stadium - 161st Street Station
Yankee Stadium - 161st Street Station