Project Description

di Domenico + Partners was selected as part of a team for the conceptual planning of a Maglev high-speed rail project connecting Washington, D.C., and New York. The first phase of the project connects Washington and Baltimore, with a traveling time of 15 minutes. The system will then be expanded north to New York and eventually to Boston, connecting the entire Northeast region.

The preliminary phases of the project were focused on evaluating potential station locations, exploring station configuration and layouts, and conceiving prototypical station design.

Various aspects of architecture, urban design, and planning played key roles in the project objective to provide high-speed transportation that relieves corridor congestion while promoting future economic growth. The new system will maximize connectivity and optimize synergies between high-speed rail, urban development, and transit-oriented development.


Various Locations


Baltimore Washington Railroad & Northeast Maglev

Northeast Maglev proposed elevated track
Northeast Maglev proposed station rendering
Northeast Maglev urban planning drawing
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