As we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, let’s shine a light on the women who have, and continue, to push the field of architecture and design forward! From pioneering architects to visionary designers, women continue to leave their mark on the built environment. dD+P honors their achievements and strives to champion equity, diversity, and inclusion in the fields of architecture and design.

Below you will find related resources and readings:


Articles + Publications


  • 100 Women: Architects in Practice by Harriet Harriss, Naomi House, Monika Parrinder, Tom Ravenscroft
  • Feminist Designer: On the Personal and the Political in Design edited by Alison Place
  • Women Design: Pioneers in architecture, industrial, graphic and digital design from the twentieth century to the present day by Libby Sellers
  • Women in Architecture: Past, Present, and Future by Ursula Schwitalla
  • Making Space: Women and the Man Made Environment by Matrix
  • The Grand Domestic Revolution: A History of Feminist Designs For American Homes, Neighborhoods, and Cities by Dolores Hayden