This week, dD+P will be presenting at the 4th International Placemaking Week conference, hosted by the Project for Public Spaces and The Neighborhood Design Center! Placemaking Week is a multi-day, global gathering of over 400 public space leaders. The event creates a dynamic forum for attendees to develop and share concrete strategies to advance community-powered public spaces, both locally and globally.

Studio member Alan Chan will be presenting “The Chinatown Night Market: Empowering Grassroot Visions through Community-led Design” on 06/06. This presentation is a part of “SHORT TALKS: Filling Vacancies: Reusing Storefronts, Alleys, and Empty Lots,” featuring presentations that focus on activating, programming, or developing places that were previously vacant, underused, or underutilized. Central to dD+P’s approach to place-based grassroot projects, is the importance of aligning with a community’s priorities and how pilot activations can be the proof-of-concept for capital projects. In Chinatown, dD+P took a tactical urbanism approach to transform Forsyth Plaza by bringing in infrastructure to hold space for safety, reunion, cultural celebration, and economic opportunities for local artisans and vendors.

Click to learn more about dD+P’s work on the Chinatown Night Market.