dD+P is excited to announce our participation in the Chinatown Night Market for the fourth summer in a row! The 2024 night market will take place at Forsyth Plaza and the accompanying street, and will include a diverse array of curated vendors and entertainment, including traditional music ensembles and folk art crafts.

This year, dD+P is working to design efficiency measures to continue building the market’s capacity. Now that the market’s footprint isn’t expanding, our team is stepping back and evaluating improvements to the process as a whole. This includes reducing repetitive tasks for vendor management and site logistics by building smart data management infrastructure. Additionally, dD+P is designing setup manuals and putting together video resources, so volunteers are better informed when helping with setup and breakdown of the event. Our team continues to focus on advocating for capital improvements at Forsyth Plaza.

The event emphasizes themes of celebrating and supporting local vendors, bringing more foot traffic into Chinatown during the evenings, and helping to make underutilized city spaces more welcoming and accessible to the public. Most importantly, the Chinatown Night Market aims to create an environment that’s inclusive and fun for the community as well as visitors.

The Night Market is weather-dependent, so remember to check the Think!Chinatown website for updates. We cannot wait to see you there!

The Chinatown Night Market is presented by Think!Chinatown in partnership with Asian Americans for Equality and produced with support from dD+P, Leroy Street Studio, Buro Happold, Fried Frank, and Gehl. Illustrations by Claud Sing Ru Li.

Click to learn more about dD+P’s work on the Chinatown Night Market.