Happy Earth Day! At dD+P, we are dedicated to helping create a healthier planet through sustainable design and ecological practices.

One way we are contributing to the field of sustainable design is through our work on Passive Houses. Currently, the Pierson-Humphrey Residence, dD+P’s 2nd Passive House, is under construction and when complete will contribute to reducing carbon emissions by being designed and built to meet the 5 Passive House principles:

  • Extensive insulation, including underslab insulation, for thermal enclosure continuity
  • Efficient windows and doors
  • Minimized thermal bridges
  • Airtightness to minimize heat loss
  • Continuous filtered air exchange to control indoor air quality and humidity

The residence will include a roof-top photovoltaic array sized to generate enough electricity to be net zero, offsetting that pulled from the electrical grid. Additionally, although less easily quantified, Passive Houses provide comfortable living environments – they are quiet, draft-free, have good air quality, and experience minimal temperature swings.

The Pierson-Humphrey Residence was designed to accommodate the couple’s day-to-day needs while also allowing them to host large family gatherings. The Second Floor spaces were designed to be flexible, switching from office space to bedrooms, effectively creating a temporary dormitory setting.

Construction is progressing, with installation of the exterior finish scheduled throughout the next month, and completion is anticipated by the summer of 2023.

For more information on dD+P’s dedication to sustainability, please see our first Passive House project in Tarrytown, NY.