This past weekend, dD+P attended Coney Island USA’s Spring Gala at the New York Aquarium!

Coney Island USA is a South Brooklyn non-profit that exists to support American popular culture through innovative exhibitions and performances. Additionally, the goal of the non-profit is to preserve a set of uniquely American visual and performing art forms and create an international forum for cultural preservation, discourse, and live art.

Since Superstorm Sandy in October 2012, dD+P helped restore the Aquarium to its pre-storm state and develop a comprehensive strategy to provide flood mitigation to prevent damage during future storm events. Additionally, dD+P collaborated with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) exhibit and graphics department to coordinate lighting, audio-visual elements, and life support systems, as well as the restoration of the existing base buildings.

For more on dD+P’s work at New York Aquarium, please see New York Aquarium.