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The di Domenico + Partners studio seeks to create a world where habitable space, buildings, and landscapes provide memorable experiences and bring meaning to the lives they shape. Our open studio arrangement and collaborative approach to design foster an innovative and creative studio environment.

This process is analogous to making a collage, where various elements come together by creative orchestration and form a unique work. In our design process, we collaborate with our clients and team members to uncover the unique characteristics of a site and shape spaces that inspire while meeting the needs of their users. Our understanding of materials produces buildings and landscapes that are assembled with thoughtful craftsmanship. A unified and clear design idea is provided through the application of sustainability and green design, using virtual imaging and BIM software, along with physical modeling that explores the tactile potential of a design idea.


John di Domenico, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Since starting the firm in 1981, John di Domenico has directed the design of the firm’s public and private sector projects. His overall approach to leading the design and management process is rooted in practical and academic experience. As founding principal, Harvard Design School graduate, Fulbright Scholar, professor at the New York Institute of Technology, and Board Member of the Washington Architectural Foundation, John has developed a studio-office environment in which principal-led group involvement in architectural and planning projects evolves into project-long development of ideas and management strategies. John currently directs and develops projects focusing on the design and adaptive reuse of memorable spaces for public and private activity. In 2013, he was awarded the Sydney L. Strauss Award from the New York Society of Architects for outstanding achievement for the benefit of the architectural profession.

John is also an avid painter, often creating visual commentary on current studio architecture and urban design projects.

View John's portfolio of artwork at didomenico.nyc

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Andrew Berger, AIA, ASLA

Andrew Berger is an Architect and Landscape Architect well-versed in the design and management of institutional, commercial, and public projects. He is a Managing Partner of dD+P as well as responsible for the firm’s facilities and open space practice. He and dD+P are recognized leaders in integrating sustainable design to the greatest extent feasible. Andrew focuses on developing designs that create memorable spaces while addressing environmental concerns, the health and well-being of users, and economic benefits to the client. His interest in improving public open space and the built environment extends to several positions on community, conservation, and planning boards within the City of White Plains where he resides.

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Paul Alber, AIA

Paul Alber is a registered architect and Associate Principal of dD+P. Since joining the firm in 1989, he has played a key role in managing the feasibility studies, design, and construction administration of many of the firm's public sector projects, including both renovation and new construction. He has led design teams in the development of transit, historic restoration, and education projects. Paul brings to his projects a broad range of experience and expertise in all phases of the planning, design, and construction process. From the creation and development of conceptual designs to the production and detailing of the construction documents, through the construction administration and final oversight of the project, he is a vital part of the realization of the firm's projects. An energetic and hands-on project manager, Paul intrinsically unravels complex project issues and engages teams both large and small to resolve design challenges at every level.

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Tilman Globig, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC

Tilman Globig’s work is grounded in the belief that craft plays a strong role in the creation of enduring architecture. Since joining dD+P in 2013, he brings with him experience in planning, design, and project management on numerous building projects from schematic design through construction administration. As an Associate Principal, he serves as Project Architect and Technical Advisor on projects of all scales and has particular expertise with public agencies, public/private partnerships, and higher education clients. Tilman is a LEED Accredited Professional and is an avid contributor to the firm’s Green Team.

Tilman Globig, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CPHC2023-09-10T08:23:22+00:00

Ricky Liu, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

As one of the firm's Associate Principals, Ricky Liu is an architect with expertise in the design, coordination, and management of a wide range of projects that include station design and planning for both mass transit systems and high-speed rail as well as academic buildings for higher education. He is well-versed in the complex issues inherent in the planning, design, restoration, and adaptive reuse of structures. His organizational strengths contribute to his effectiveness as both a project manager and senior designer while being attuned to preserving design integrity. He is also an Adjunct Professor at his alma mater, the New York Institute of Technology, where he mentors future architects. Through the synergy between professional studio practice and education, Ricky integrates design, construction, sustainable concepts, and knowledge of the built environment both inside and outside the studio.

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Kenji Suzuki, AIA

Kenji Suzuki has been with dD+P since 1997. During that time, his sensitivity and skill in conceptual design and design development have been instrumental in advancing the firm's recognition as an award-winning design studio. As an Associate Principal and senior architect, he works closely with the partners to articulate and define design direction. He oversees research related to software, technology, and tools that aid in the visualization of design ideas. Kenji's contributions in design, modeling, and presentation graphics facilitate the transition from design to construction documents, simultaneously providing opportunities to explore new materials and building systems. Kenji also plays a leading role in many of the company's design competition entries and has led winning teams in several international competitions. He treats competitions as a tool to experiment with new design ideas and gain expertise in different project types and built environments.

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Adam Mercier, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Adam Mercier brings expertise in design, coordination, and sustainability for a portfolio that includes transportation, education, and historic rehabilitation projects. In addition to providing sophisticated visualizations and models for presentations to clients, he possesses in-depth experience in design, delivery, and managing the construction administration process. As Technical Director for the studio's Green Team, he is active in the research and implementation of sustainable technologies and assists clients to define and achieve their sustainable certification goals. With the belief that sustainability should not come from a pure checklist approach, he is passionate about exploring the inherent qualities within a project where sustainability has the greatest potential to be a catalyst.

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Diana Rodriguez, AIA

Diana Rodriguez brings expertise in the design, coordination, and management of a well-rounded portfolio of work including transportation facilities, K-12 education, libraries, and business offices. Along with being a team leader responsible for the collaboration of large teams, including M/E/P and structural initiatives for many of dD+P's K-12 education projects, Diana serves as the firm’s Intern Director where she mentors and supervises architectural interns. As a member of the firm’s Green Team, she is active in the research and implementation of Sustainable Technologies.

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David F. Tobar, AIA

David Tobar brings experience in architectural design, adaptive reuse, and construction administration on many of dD+P’s education and transportation projects. He has significant rehabilitation expertise and as a result, has extensive knowledge of restoration practices for both historic and non-historic buildings. This knowledge spans all phases of the design process, managing complex project teams, and working closely in the field with contractors and owners to resolve issues as they arise. His talent for anticipating unknowns and project management extends to the variety of other hats he dons around the office, such as operations and IT oversight.

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